A1-Super-Duper Amazing Task [Example Task]
Seeking People

A task is exactly what you need done:          
-	A task is not a job title.  If you need a driver on 2 different days create 2 tasks for drivers rather than putting up a vague post for an ‘executive assistant’           
-	A task is DONE or NOT DONE.  If you need a drummer to show up for practice you could create a task ‘learn our songs’ and one ‘come to practice’.  If they show up unprepared it would be a waste of time for everyone else in the band.             
-	The more specific you are the more likely this will work out.          
-	Collaborators need to know what level of professional polish you are expecting.          
-	Do you have equipment or will they need their own?           
-	Do they need to be somewhere to start at some time?          

Collaborators can browse for Skills:          
-	Add the key skills the task requires           
-	Try to use terms that are specific and in common use          

Payout is based on a % of the funds:            
-	When a Producer creates a task they may not know what kind of funding they will have.            
-	Projects all have an element of ‘shared risk’.  Collaborators rely on the Producer to manage the project and find the funds.  The Producer relies on the collaborators to complete their tasks.          
-	The Producer should adjust the % of the Funds to each task based on the 1- Effort and 2- Skills          



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  Image $$$ Hrs
Producer 99 $1k+ 304
Collaborator 100 $1+ 25

Jan 29, 2015
Jan 29, 2015