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A1-Super-Duper Amazing Project [Example Project]

Project Description

The description is the Producer's pitch to potential collaborators. This is their opportunity to provide a grand vision Great projects: - Success is 40% starting, 45% finishing and 5% quality. Start soon, start small and keep on top of the details. - Try something you’re confident you can complete (you’ve done it before, it seems simple, you have a great mentor, etc.) - Show off a little, play to your strengths. If you won an award for writing try filming it. - Find an idea that excites others too, it makes it easier to find collaborators. - Authenticity is invaluable; originality is nonexistent Project Description Tips: - Make lists - Be specific - Talk timelines - Compare your project to something your audience will know - Add ranges – finished in the next 3 weeks, make $400 (guaranteed minimum) up to $700 (top we can do because that would be 100% sold out)



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  Image $$$ Hrs
Producer 99 $1k+ 304
Collaborator 100 $1+ 25

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Gig Contributor Hours Skills Date Location Payout/Bid Status
A1-Super-Duper Amazing Task [Example Task]
No Contributor
5.0 Jan 29, 2015 Remote $50 Seeking People