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I have a Bachelor's degree in Cinema and Audiovisual from the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM-Rio). During my studies, I gained a deep understanding of the cinema and audiovisual industry, learning about all stages of film production from pre-production to post-production and distribution. I have a wide range of abilities, particularly in launching info products, including Fluent English (C1), Advanced Photoshop Lightroom Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, design, digital marketing, film distribution strategies, Facebook Ads, branding, cinematography, photography, and music production. I am passionate about these skills, and I have honed them through various courses and certifications. I have obtained a C1 LEVEL certification in English, which was issued in December of 2021. Additionally, I completed the "Fórmula de Lançamento (Launch Formula)" course by Érico Rocha in January of 2021, where I was part of the first class of the year. I also completed "The Market of Post-Production and Film Distribution" course by Ariadne Mazzetti and Barbara Sturm, where I learned about the finishing, post-production, and film distribution market. Furthermore, I completed the "Cinema as Business" course by Marcelo Lima, which provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the film market and all its stages. I also attended a workshop with Ryan "Monotoshi" on the production of travel videos for brands and the internet. Lastly, I have studied business English at Stafford House International in Toronto, Canada, where I improved my language skills and gained valuable cultural experiences. Overall, my education and abilities have equipped me with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the film industry and launch successful projects.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I am a highly motivated and talented individual with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. As the Founder and Launch Strategist at Aurora, I successfully launched a digital production company that specializes in the field of digital education. My experience as a Launch/Marketing Analyst at Fluency Academy has given me the skills to manage multiple launches simultaneously and achieve a six-digit monthly turnover.

In my previous role as a Launch Strategist at CONFEITASSÃO, I developed and coordinated the launch process of the "CONFEITASSÃO" confectionery course by the specialist Renata Ferreira Tenório. I am proud to say that we obtained very satisfactory results. I was responsible for scripting copys, ads, and PLCs, in addition to coordinating the media team about the content.

As a Traffic Manager at CONFEITASSÃO and Relvas, I was responsible for the Paid traffic process in the launch process of the "CONFEITASSÃO" confectionery course by the specialist Renata Ferreira Tenório and the song "Te esquecer" by music artist Relvas.

In addition, as the Director of the Quarentena Online Film Festival, I successfully organized two editions of the festival during the isolation period of COVID-19. The festival gathered numerous awards in different categories, reached 7 countries, had more than 2500 votes for the productions, reached 50% of Brazilian states, and was recognized in more than 8 magazines in the audiovisual sector.

Finally, as the Founder and Director of the web series AfterChef, I was responsible for planning, development, direction of photography, and distribution coordination. Overall, I am proud of my accomplishments and look forward to continuing my career in launching successful ventures.

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