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RAW acting studio - Master Class and The Bar Second City - Improv for Actors, levels 1 through 4 LB Studios - On Camera Acting Pro Actors Lab (satellite studio with Marvin Hinz) - 5 terms Ron Leach - Acting Intensive (3 terms) and various workshops Jules Fitzsimmons - various workshops Gloria Mann - various workshops MT Space Theatre - Two week full time intensive with F.Jaibi, Director of the Tunisian National Theatre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Actor first, screenwriter second, producer by necessity.  Trained, experienced and passionate about telling story through emotion.

I love taking the script off the page and crafting deep and resonant emotional arcs for the roles I play, to ground myself in the characters' emotional landscape with simple, vulnerable realism. My most recent training has been focused on building the spiritual link between my emotions as the actor and as the character.

I love to take direction because it becomes creative synergy. I have played lead roles in three indie features and a web series, a co-star in an ensemble cast in two more features and another web series, and supporting roles in several more, as well as 8 commercials and dozens of shorts. Every role I take on is a chance to grow my skills and live in an emotional reality that sings.

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