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Expect the Unexpected - Paul - Talent INC Scene Study/Monologue/Commercials/Cold Read - John Shubat - Talent INC Majored in Musical Theatre - Etobicoke School Of The Arts
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Andrew Meikle is a Canadian actor who has been in the industry since he was nine years old. At a ripe young age he appeared in a Milk, Toy , and subway sandwiches commercial. He walked his first runway for ROOTS Canada and made an appearance on the television show “Twice In A Life” As he got older he realized that he wanted to tell his own stories. 
In 2010 he started his own Independent Film company called “Meikle Productions”. Since then he has written, directed , and produced three feature films, a short film, and recently the series “Two Brothers". Since releasing his films on YouTube, they have gained over 3 Million views. 
You will be able to see Andrew in a number of projects. He plays the lead role of Aaron in the series “Two Brothers” that is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and OUTTV, Troy in the Buzzfeed and Lionsgate’s film “My Fake Boyfriend” , and Tracci in the Bell Fibe Tv Sketch Comedy series “Stoney Lonesome”

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