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HBSc, Biochemistry and Biotechnology - University of Waterloo Co-operative Education Program
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Artist, illustrator and over-amibitious crafter - Jenine has always been fighting the urge to get her hands dirty and make things. She started doodling to pass through the 2pm afternoon slump at work, creating little comics and drawings of things that happen to people everyday.  To her surprise, people really liked her dry, unfiltered drawings about life's shortcomings. She turned this into her daily comic series Hand-drawn by Jenine.  The daily comic soon bloomed into a card shop where Jenine makes humourous cards based on simple drawings.  In the spirit of originality she personally designs and draws every card, and they are made to order. This year she branched off into hand-painted christmas ornaments. 

Jenine attributes the development of her creative skills to her much older siblings who were too cool to play with her when she was little, leaving her to find amusement using her own imagination.  Jenine is based in Toronto, Ontario where the 6 months of winter provide her with ample time to hole up in her apartment and create beautiful things.

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