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Protools Production 201 2012 Metal Works – Toronto, Ontario Course in essentials of digital audio production. Audio Production Fundamentals 2008 Ryerson University – Toronto, Ontario (Completed 1 year of a 2-year certificate program). Bachelor of Arts, Audio and Video Media Production 2003 ORT College – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
My name is Santiago Moffat, owner of NoSoundNoPic audio post production facility. My services include audio-mixing, sound design and music for media. The mixing facility is equipped with Protools HD and sound processing tools capable to master any audio work in stereo or mix on discrete 5.1 surround sound.

I have excelled in the media industry improving the quality of audio services for AMItv and mastered thousands of hours of in-house production.

Below are some links to my previous work:

A Taste of Nunavut
Dialogue edit, music edit, ADR, Sound Design and final mix. From minute 17:26 to 17:49 is an example of ADR and sound design.

Do the Grind Blind
Dialogue edit, music edit and final mix.

Ottawa Ski Hawks Interstitial
Dialogue edit, music edit and final mix.

My most current mixes are in 5.1. A short film called The Drip! that was screened at the Reelworld Film Festival and remixed documentary feature Surviving Bokator that will be played back at the Austin Film Festival and the Hamilton Film Festival. Unfortunately because these two are recently finished projects, at the moment there are no links. Although here's a link of a mix I did  for Surviving Bokator trailer,

If you will like to learn more about my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or by phone. To learn more regarding my professional experience as an Audio Editor or check more links to my previous work,  please visit


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