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CFC's director's lab, L'inis producer's lab, UQAM screenwriting certificate
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Olivier Sabino has always been fascinated by dark, eerie, profound and intense stories, which will scratch the depths of the human psyche…

Since completing his film studies at L’inis in 2004, Olivier has produced a quantity of short films as well as few larger film and télévision projects. He has also worked on several student productions at L’inis since 2007 and has been teaching film production over a number of years.

Olivier recently directed a number of short films and music videos, as well as a few episodes of the very successful webseries La Reine Rouge, which he created in collaboration with horror novelist Patrick Senécal and director Podz. More than 25 000 copies of the webseries have been sold so far. It is available on DVD, VOD, iTunes and on the Web, in Canada, France, Belgium, USA, Poland, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In 2012, La Reine Rouge was nominated for a Gémeaux Award for best original program or series produced for digital media.

In 2013, Olivier founded Film Oddity with Marie-Louise Gariépy, an independent production company dedicated to genre feature films in English. Their first project, an adaptation of by Patrick Senécal’s bestselling novel “The Passenger”, is in development.

Olivier now lives in Toronto and is a recent grad of the prestigious Canadian Film Center Director’s Lab, where he completed both the Cineplex Entertainment & Short Dramatic Film programs.

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