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Fátima Toledo - Film Preparation Center - Acting for Cinema “1st Cut Project” (2010) Master of Arts in Filmmaking – London Film School, London, UK (2007-2009) BA in Radio and Television Broadcasting – UniFIAM/FAAM University, Brazil (2001-2005) Technical Courses Filmmaking for Beginners, USC (2004) Intermediate Filmmaking - Colorsync - NYU (2005) SENAC - National Service of Commercial Learning (2003-2006) 1-) Distribution and Exhibition for Film Venues (April 2006) 2-) Film Executive Production (March of 2006) 3-) Introduction to Film Directing (February 2006) 4-) Screenplay Workshop (July 2003) 5-) Final Cut Digital Video - Non-Linear Digital Editing (July 2003) 6-) How to make a good frame and tell a story (June 2003) 7-) Television and Video Production (June 2003)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
15 years working with films, 7 years as a professional still photographer with 200+ productions made, interested in pursuing a production or executive production position, due to his exceptional coordinator of production logistics skills. Comprehensive experience producing cinematic and television content such as feature films, shorts, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos and TV commercials.

Strong understanding of production business operations combined with excellent technical knowledge and practical experience driving projects from script to screen. Decisive producer, specializing in high-production values and quality for a broad range of budgets under tight deadlines. Excellent business, interpersonal, and intercultural communications with global perspective. Fluent in English; native Portuguese speaker.

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