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Pickering, Ontario, Canada
I'm a Maker working to organize and establish Make-Hack-Learn-Live, a non-profit Makerspace, first and foremost, but it will have an alter ego.

Within its common practice, it’ll be a vibrant and welcoming space for tinkerers, makers, and engineers, and educators, scientists, and creatives.  It’ll be a collaborative setting where people meet to share ideas and impart knowledge, create new projects, and help others in bringing their ideas to life.  Workshops and lively activities will delight, challenge, and educate, stimulating friendly rivalry among members and makerspaces, showcasing projects at local schools, libraries, and events.  This will be a like-minded community, inspiring new ideas, creative ventures, innovative concepts, and new products in a super fun and creative atmosphere.

Make-Hack-Learn-Live will be an affordable member-based program, a diverse and collaborative space, and a world of possibilities at your fingertips, where all ages and abilities can come together to teach, learn, create, and design, affirming hands-on production, critical making, and constructionism.

“Lifting the oppressive veil of social and economic norms, we would dare to venture beyond our realm of obedience and conformity, and spark a R/Evolution.”

MASH, a Maker Action Support Hub, will be an onsite and project-based component of this Makerspace, a design and fabrication workshop/studio emphasizing open-source sustainable technology and self-sufficiency. Projects will be fueled by individuals and families working together to achieve a human economy. A support system for at-risk members of the community and homeless, founded on reciprocal partnership and altruism, and social engagement and participation.  Projects will be a collaboration among members and the local populace to seed stronger and supportive neighbourhoods, and push back poverty at the community level where it festers and thrives.

We stand at the precipice of economic madness with more people struggling and falling into poverty every day.  A Makerspace is a tool, and with your support, we can be an instrument of positive change.  It’s within your grasp to reach out and get invested, with your time, your expertise and ideas, and yes, whenever possible, your daily coffee and snack change will go a long way to doing social good.  Let’s not forget any unused or broken down stuff in your closet, kitchen, or basement, and your garage, attic or shed.

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