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I began my video career at 13 years of age drawing cartoons for the TV show "Science International", later renamed to "What Will They Think of Next" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fF8vLUEp29E For over 30 years I've worked as Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Flash Animator at several ad agencies both locally and abroad learning skills along they way on a need by need basis. I'm self educated in video shooting and editing, in motion graphics and animation. 15 years of practice on the job has allowed me to perfect my skills. For the last ten years I've operated my own business providing design and video production work.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I work as a Motion Graphics, Animation and Whiteboard artist during the day. I also have experience as a videographer shooting and editing news clips, interviews and corporate videos. I'm seeking to make documentaries and web series, shorts and anything else that provides a creative outlet for my artistic energies. I'm fully equipped with professional equipment: cameras, audio field recording kit and lights. I'm always happy to help with worthwhile projects (budget, low budget and zero budget) if the script is good.

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