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Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Film and Interactive Content Development
 1990-1992: Logovision Productions Inc.
 As a co-producer and partner, wrote 4 feature-length screenplays:
 DigitalSleep ("Empire of Lights") - scifi, set in the Yucatan and involving Mayan demigods; storyboarded, budgeted; a detective story where the paintings of Rene Magritte provide the indexical signs/clues to the mystery.
The Golem - parody of the story of the Golem, in this case the "Golem" is a doppelganger for New York motorcycle cop, Fred Golem; when appearing as his Golem persona (from "far off" Bratislava) he resembles Andy Warhol
 BrainTube -  funny sci-fi movie about a world suffering from a massive plague of uncontrollable dandruff; begins at a New York fashion show and connected to "Karl Lagerfeld" character, an obsessive user of Grecian Formula; solved by making the entire population wear plastic shower hats and not to touch each.
 Pre-Dater -   parody of Arnold Schwartzenegger movie "Predator"; Arnold and his gang of heavies are replaced by a group of heavily armed Girl Guides, who are dispatched to Nicaragua to take-out a threatening alien
2004: Mark Krebs operating as Logovision Studios
 Designed and developed animated talking heads - "MeetHeads"; the animations are human faces, graphically rendered which are animated by phonemes in speak/audio;  also integrated speech recognition software so you could have a conversation with the "Heads" on your computer; prototyped an integrated game, "Meetheads" where you win points by outsmarting the "Heads”phones/pdas/smartphones or any handheld computer. Today they are called Chatbots.

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