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Bachelors in Business Administration... majoring in Accounting
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Social Entrepreneur, Visionary,  Aspiring gospel singer/ songwriter,/spoken word artist, Online T-shirt designer,  bead jewellery maker,  freelance accountant/bookkeeper,  experience with film accounting ,single mother, Christian, great cook 

I am an outgoing hospitable person. I am especially good with people. People enjoy being around me and I people. I am a helper, I look for what needs to be done and get it done..i see things others may miss. My colleagues  says I am wise..I give good counsel and am a good teacher. I have been told by strangers that I have a speaking voice for a radio announcer. and a singing voice that is  beautiful and calming.  I have leadership skills and abilities...if there is no leader in a group...I always take the lead. I am very flexible and open to do anything...from cleaning bathrooms to leading people.  My heartbeat is that of a social entrepreneur  using my skills and that of others to making lasting positive difference in the lives of orphans and the voiceless around the world. I went to Nepal on a SOLO mission trip an now obsessed in bring change to the lives of those I met.

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