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BROADCASTING & FILM – CENTENNIAL COLLEGE JAN. 2006 – DEC. 2008 RYERSON UNIVERSITY - FILM STUDIES SEPT. - DEC. 2012 QUALIFICATIONS: • Experienced using DSLR, PVR, DVX and In-Studio Cameras • Knowledgeable with Final Cut Pro & Soundtrack Pro • Understand and avid at constructing screenplays • Experienced producing, directing and editing individual projects RELATED WORK EXPERIENCE: SINKING SHIP ENTERTAINMENT – INTERN - SEPT. – DEC. 2008 • Project: Razzberry Jazzberry Jam • Retrieved and dropped up rented vehicles, film gear, equipment and talent from various locations around Downtown, Toronto. • Helping on set: taping down wires, taping up window gels, setting up lighting kits, rearranging furniture, loading and unloading vehicles with gear • Often picked up lunch for crew members CENTENNIAL COLLEGE MOCK DISASTER – VOLUNTEER- 2007 • Documented footage as a roaming camera of a mock, hospital disaster for medical trainees at Centennial College’s HP Campus streaming live on the internet. AWARDS & RECOGNITION: CENTENNIAL COLLEGE DONNY AWARDS 2008 • BEST GROUP FILM “SHYLOME” - WINNER • BEST JOURNAL STORY “MODERN MARRIAGES" - NOMINATED CENTENNIAL COLLEGE JOHNNYPALOOZA 2006 • BEST PAUSE FOR THOUGHT “THE KID WORLD” - WINNER
Pickering, Ontario, Canada
I'm a young and aspiring writer, adventurer & philosophical enthusiast hoping to meet as many people as I can. I am currently an Associate Producer for an Independent Feature film looking for any fresh or experienced talent & crew members seeking career and network opportunities in this diverse & cohesive industry. I look forward to working with anyone who will come my way and I wish you all the best of luck.

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