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Media Training Program- POV FILM/DGC/City of Toronto Toronto, Ontario Production Assistant Training Program -CEE/POV FILM/DGC/City of Toronto Toronto, Ontario Acting for TV, Film and Theatre- Toronto Film School Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tasha Gray is an actress, writer, and director. After studying acting for film, television and theatre at the Toronto Film School, she now immerses in her local Toronto film scene  as an establishing filmmaker. She made her directorial debut in June 2021 with a short film called Mismatch, which she also wrote. Mismatch has gone on to be the official selection in 4 film festivals, winning Best Short Film by a Black Filmmaker at the International Black and Diversity Film Festival. Today, Tasha maintains a strong social media following in the likes of film, photography, Black culture and alternative fashion. Her goal is to advocate for black women and change the way they are perceived through film. By creating and sharing projects from both in front of the camera, and behind.

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