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Toronto Metropolitan University (2018-2022)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I am an actor, recently graduated from Toronto Metropolitan (formerly Ryerson) university, where I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Performance Acting. I came across this opportunity and I am very interested! My passion for acting & storytelling has been with me since childhood, having performed in many theatrical productions from “Little Women” to “High School Musical”. For this reason, I know I possess the skills needed to excel. In recent years I have grown more inclined to Film/TV work, and since graduation I have worked on a few film projects. Highlights include Kasino Productions'  film 'Diabolika', and mobile advertisements for the popular game PUBG Mobile.  The experience that I have gained working in rehearsal rooms and on set has given me the confidence to trust my abilities as an actor.
Not only am I dedicated and hard working, but I love people, and I will always bring a sense of positivity and kindness to everything I do and everyone I meet.
I am passionate and driven to succeed.
I hope to connect with you soon. Sincerely,
Cameron Staffen

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