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TV Broadcasting & Communication Media
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
I am a hard working proud mother of two little boys and although I work full time in a corporate industry I want my family to see that if you believe in your self, put in the work, then dreams can come true! It has always been a dream of mine to be in front of a camera whether it’s been modeling, acting, or just being an extra in a film or on TV. I love the idea of reaching an audience and making that connection. I graduated from TV Broadcasting and Communications Media and familiar with the hard work that goes into production. I respect it and admire it, at the end of the day it was not the side of the camera I preferred to be on. Most people would describe me as optimistic, confident, productive, a go getter, thoughtful, and caring. Someone who stands up for what’s right. Takes constructive criticism well and is always looking to improve. I love my family more than anything. Second to that I love nature, hiking, swimming, rollerblading, biking, travelling, meeting new people, reading and writing, cooking and music. I really do try to take care of my self. Eating healthy, exercising, yoga and meditation. I am looking for all kinds of opportunities to grow. I really look forward to meeting you and working together. 
Cheers, Lynds

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