Teenagers 14-18 years old MUST:
-Be French speaking
-Be in High School Part-Time 
-Be pursuing an Ambitious Goal (see examples below)
-Be comfortable sharing their personal lives in front of the camera
-Have supporting family members and/or parental guardians, coaches, teachers, equally comfortable being filmed and interviewed on camera
Ambitious Goal Examples :
-Varsity Team Sport Athletes getting ready for intercollegiate participation: hockey, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, cheerleading, etc.
-Olympic & Paralympic Athletes getting ready for the World Olympic Games
-High Level Artists: musicians, opera singers, performing arts, dance, ballet, circus, fine arts, visual arts, film actors, theater actors, etc.
-Vloggers & Influencers already making a living online
-Highly Level Academic Competitors: Math Leagues, Science Olympiad, National Academic Quiz Tournament, History bee, Spelling bee, Speech & Debate Club, Model United Nations, Foreign Affairs Club, Euro Challenge, etc.
*We invite all interested individuals to apply and encourage applications from members of equity-deserving communities, including but not limited to women, persons with disabilities, visible minorities (racialized), Black, Indigenous Peoples and persons of any gender identity and sexual orientation (LGBTQ+).

Instructions for Submitting: 
Audition via a Self-Tape. Record a short length video (~30-60 seconds) responding to the following questions IN FRENCH: 
-Who are you? 
-Where do you live and attend school? 
-When did you realize you were ready to pursue your big dreams?
-What does your busy life look like every day? 
-Why would you be a good candidate for this show?

Filming instructions:
Place your camera horizontally on a tripod or book shelf. Zoom your frame angle to fit from your chest up to the top of your head. Ensure your face and background is well lit. Create a noise free environment by turning off any background humming sounds coming from refrigerator or other appliances and close all windows and any doors to other rooms.
*Here is a YouTube link explaining how to do a successful self-tape: 

Submission Package Materials:
Along with your audition video, please also provide us with a short biography, recent photos, your social media links, and any plans you may be anticipating in the next 18 months (competitions, goals, events, family gatherings, etc). We need to know if you have any extra relatives or friends who would agree to be featured on camera in the documentary.

Once you have recorded your audition video and prepared all of your materials for submission, please fill out the following online questionnaire: FORM.
If you have any other additional questions, feel free to reach out to our Montreal based casting offices by sending us an email here: 


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