Script Supervisor
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As a Script Supervisor, your role is to maintain the continuity and accuracy of the script throughout the production. Your responsibilities include:

• Supervising the continuity and accuracy of the script, ensuring that it remains consistent with each scene and take.

• Ensuring that all scenes are shot in the correct order as outlined in the script.

• Keeping a meticulous log of scene durations and timing to be able to provide information for the editing process

• Collaborating with the directors and the rest of the creative team to discuss shot requirements and camera angles, ensuring the vision of the project is effectively communicated and executed.

• Overseeing costumes, props, and makeup to ensure consistency in each scene, making sure that they align with the script and the creative vision of the project.


James Khan

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  Image $$$ Hrs
Producer 93 $10k+ 2,293
Collaborator 98 $1k+ 65

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jul 22, 2023
Jul 27, 2023