Casting Call

- Keisha Black or White Female age 20- 40
  Keisha is Cunning, fierce, and drop-dead gorgeous, She is Nash’s girlfriend soon to be wife. She works alongside Nash on technology and 
  the underworld as she was tired of her old life stacking boxes being told how to live life. She is shown to be quite a confident, straight- 
  forward, stubborn and sometimes an explicit young woman, who has a taste for adventure and is essentially bored of life.

- Tony Ethnicity Any Gender Male Age 25 to 50
   He's a mob boss that cares only about money. He's been in this game his whole life and wants his prototypes for his own selfish game. He 
   invented the prototypes which were stolen as he proclaims by Nash and Keisha and wants it back. He takes what isn’t his and thinks the 
   world owes something to him. He is depicted as a very violent, callous, and impulsive man. Tony is also quite arrogant with a sense of dark 
   humour, ruthless, and can be easily angered if things do not go pretty well.

- Bliz aka Brit  Ethnicity Any Age 18 – 40 male or Female
  Bliz aka Brit is Tony’s Right Hand Soilder. Bliz does what the bosses want even if it means taking candy from a baby. Bliz is a loud mouth 
  that loves to talk. Bliz cuts in on other people talking and is very strategic in fighting. Bliz is not afraid of using cheap tactics to win a fight 
  and is very resilient. Bliz is remorseless, merciless pretty intelligent, daring, with good endurance and bold.

- Mecca Ethnicity Any Age 18 – 45 Male
  Mecca Is a swordsman that works for Tony. He's the muscle of the group that handles the grunt work if Bliz aka brit or Tony get hurt. Hes 
  the last line of defense. He’s not much for words and rather cut things than talk to you. He charges a hefty price for his expert services. He 
  is calculated, manipulative, grim, ruthless, and doesn't forget an offense and dangerous.


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Montréal, Quebec, Canada
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Jul 14, 2022
Jul 14, 2022