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Vintage Photo shoot

Project Description

The photo shoot as planned will involve 1950 and 1920s style outfits, lingerie, and artistic pinup style nudes. I am seeking females models age 18 to 30 for this shoot. The shoot will be at my studio in St. Thomas Ontario. The shoot will be between 3 and 4 hours of actual shooting time. Samples and details of the styles I have in mind are available on request. The model will be paid $130 per hour in cash the day of the shoot, plus $25 per hour for travel time (up to 4 hours), and $50 per hour for makeup and preparation time. St. Thomas is approximately 2 hours west of Toronto, just south of London.


Christopher Harwood

St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada


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4.0 Apr 27, 2024 to Jun 30, 2024 St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada $520 Seeking People