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Online Cooking Ad

Project Description

ISO: Male/Female Talent for Online Cooking AD WHERE: Canteen Studios, Etobicoke TYPE: Online Spot WHEN: Monday, August 21st PAY: $250-$300 for the Day, depending on skill set NON UNION DESCRIPTION: We are looking for talent in their mid-30s to mid-40s for an upcoming online ad spot for a food product. The project involves rhythmically shaking and moving a dry food product in a container. Shots will primarily focus on the hands, with occasional shots of the torso. Face will not be shown. The ideal candidates will have an average build and be comfortable with cooking actions such as pouring, stirring, and interacting with bowls and pans both on and off a stove. Experience with rhythm or music is a plus, but not necessary. Wardrobe will consist of well-fitted casual clothing. Talent should ideally be able to bring their own wardrobe, but we can provide some clothing options for shirts if necessary.


Matthew Watts

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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8.0 Aug 21, 2023 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $250 Seeking People