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SongAct™ Call To Duty

Project Description

Good day, folks! Calling all individuals interested in promoting a new art form named SongAct™, utilizing their blood, sweat and tears 🩸😅🤣. The planets have aligned, i.e. now is the ripe moment for it! Imagine yourself, a highly committed and super-dedicated performing artist (to-be) with a penchant to succeed with incredible willpower alone if nothing else, doing the new thing which happens to be just what may rekindle the good times for us homo sapiens amidst the endless pandemic chatter!! Here's the deal, chronologically listed for transparency: Step 1 Establish the venture with a founding circle of up to twelve members. Initial candidate screening will be based on the following criteria - level of commitment or amount of dedication, willpower strength and propensity for creativity. To be considered" [what makes you you], etc. - to soonest possible. Do include i. instances in your career or life which speak to the three aforementioned criteria respectively, and ii. a clip of yourself dishing out a favourite tune [no shower scene, please (-;], preferably an oldie as we especially want to attract the baby boomer audience for reasons that generation brings to the table. All founding members are expected to contribute performances regularly, which by design would be a piece of cake (a "natural" deed) and/or fulfill duties conducive to advancement of the very art form itself. As such, fundraising (soliciting corporate sponsorships, enrolling into applicable government programs, etc.) skills, videographing experience and social media marketing knack will earn prospective candidates priority points. Last and important point to consider... this ground floor opportunity is what you make it to be. Volunteering has its advantages - you will be seen and recognized accordingly plus there is always the potential reward of eventual ad revenue sharing, etc. Step 2 Build content for YouTube channel to be created. 🛫 Collaborate on producing a minimum of two core performances per founding artist prior to kick off. Step 3 Launch new art form website and go live on social media platforms. 🛫 And watch your hardwork and our concerted effort comes to life!!! 😉


Touch Of Reality Inc

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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SongAct™ Founding Membership Application
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5.0 Oct 10, 2022 to Dec 31, 2022 Remote $.01 $0 Seeking People