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HIRING: North York/Toronto. PA types who are okay to do general & manual labour outdoors. $250/day. Start Oct 11th for 3-4 weeks. More details: I am rounding out my LOAD IN CREW for an XMAS live event that takes place up at the Black Creek Pioneer Village. Rate is $250/day. We work rain or shine but will call weather days if too poor to work. We pay bi-weekly, via timesheets thru our production house. Most days will be 7:30 am-6 pm. Some days may go a bit earlier or a bit later. Full time days (5-6 days per week) from Oct 11thto first or second week of Nov. Craft and lunch provided on site. Must be able to drive, and get to and from the site themselves. I mainly work in commercial production hence why I am posting this here, but I figured there might be some PA types who would be interested in learning more about Live Events, or some members of this group might have some qualified kids who might be interested. I can answer more questions if you have them. Hoping to find 2 or 3 more people who can help round out our load in crew!


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