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ISO PRODUCTION DESIGNER! TITLE: The Pines Still Whisper PRODUCTION COMPANY: Luna Reel Productions FORMAT: Narrative Feature LOCATION: GTA (filming to take place within 2hour drive from city) PAYMENT: Unpaid Passion Project (possibility for small honorarium), Meals + Transport fees covered. WHO WE ARE: We are a team of up and coming filmmakers looking to make this project to get our work out there on a larger scale. The majority of our team is working for free or on honorariums as this is a passion project that is completely self funded. (See our Indiegogo for more info on the project/team): WHO WE WANT: We want our Production Designer to be someone who finds the story to be one that resonates with them. The ideal candidate is someone in a similar position to us, and is wanting a role upgrade on a feature or looking to delve into narrative content on this scale. Unfortunately we cannot offer pay at this time, but we can promise a pleasant and nurturing environment for creativity. Just ask anyone on the team! LOGLINE: After the collapse of civilization, a sheltered girl’s perception of her overly-protective mother is overturned when outside forces reveal hidden truths about her family's past. STORY: The Pines Still Whisper is set in an ambiguous future after the world has fallen into chaos and radical ideologies have risen in consequence of our current societal beliefs gone awry. In this coming-of-age story, our lead character Penny, struggles to navigate her self-discovery while following strict rules her mother, Claire, has enforced her entire life. Claire claims these restrictions are only there to protect Penny from the dangers that lurk outside their home I will follow up with candidates that I would like to interview. If you don't hear back I apologize in advance, I don't have time to respond to every individual. Interviews will take place on Thursday April 22nd from 11am-7pm.


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