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Colorist and Sound Editor

Project Description

COLOURIST & SOUND/MUSIC EDITOR URGENTLY NEEDED (PAID). We are in need of the service of a good COLORIST, Sound Editor/ Music Supervisor. We need a good sound editor to lay the SOUNDTRACKS and Musical Score (Instrumentals) for the movie. The soundtracks will be provided for the sound editor/ music supervisor, The COLORIST will work with the mood of what is already in the edited picture. The Movie is in a picture locked stage. This is an Independent Foreign film about SLAVERY. Specifically shot in Yoruba language and needs subtitling into English language. This Passion project was shot in West Africa & North America. Basically we need someone who will place in the soundtracks + score for this Feature length movie. What has been done? The Editing is done by a picture Editor. Songs/Music have been recorded from Music Studio. The Sound Editing is done which includes the syncing, the sound effects, and the audio transitions. What is left? We need a Colourist, COLORIST & sound editor/ music supervisor, Sound Designer, who can lay the soundtracks, and Instrumentals into the already edited picture.Also need someone who can help sub-title the movie into English. The English lyrics will be provided as WORD DOCUMENT for the Individual to lay them into the edited picture. What we have? We have all original footage. We can provide the xml export of the locked and final edit. We are close to the finishing line of this race to making a Historical Fiction film that will change the world. This is a great project that needs only passionate people.


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