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ISO: a DOP / Collaborator Non Union $400 Honorarium Toronto Shoots on December 7 and 8 "Riley, a nervous loner, awakes in a dark and unknown place, and is confronted by materialized memories from his past. This forces Riley to consider the person he has become in response to these moments, versus the person he could have been despite them." Hi! I am looking for someone to help me shoot a short, self funded project in about 2 weeks. It's a 14 page psychological horror film that takes place entirely in one indoor location. This film has a heavy emphasis on lighting, colour, and emotion. I'm looking for someone who has worked as a DOP before, but would be willing to work on a small project for more experience and demo-reel material. It's a solid script (in my opinion) and we'll hopefully get some cool shots! I can also provide all the equipment (Sony A7iii, lights, mics, etc), but if you have better equipment, I could maybe pay you a little extra to use it (tight budget, so this really is a maybe).


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