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Film Crew - Volunteers

Project Description

Crew Call For The Short Film - “DEATH” Titled “DEATH” Genre: Drama Directed by Fu Hao Toronto - Volunteers - UNPAID. Synopsis Nathan (mid 30s) wants to commit suicide in a motel room, because he borrowed lots of money to pay for Liz - his dead wife’s medical care, which he couldn’t pay back. However, the moment before he hangs himself, Death visits him and tell Nathan that he knows the truth of the Death of his wife. However, in a condition that Nathan needs to play a game with Death to see whether if he is worthy to know the truth or not. Crew Positions We are looking for crews (volunteer positions) for a short film production of 4 days between “Mid to Late July” 1. Editor
 2. Script Supervisor
 3. First Assistant Director
 4. Productions Assistant
 5. Production / Set designer
 6. Gaffer
 7. Grip
 8. Craft
 9. Behind the Scenes - Videographer
 We will provide film credit, travel expenses, food, a copy of the project and various accommodations where possible.


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