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Looking for a producer to help me bring my dark comedy feature film, MARY, to fruition. The screenplay has won an award and was featured at a film festival in Toronto. Synopsis: A trailer trash, truck-stop hooker named Mary is trying to find love... she kind of wants a man who has both looks and money... Yes, she wants her cake and to eat it too. This leads to her side-piece (Jesse) pretending to be her son and moving in with her and her new boyfriend (Troy) and his son. Not everyone in the household gets along very well and tensions start to rise. This leads to the first murder in the movie done by Jesse and contributes to his taste for murder which sets the tone for the rest of the film as he gets Mary to help murder Troy so they can be together, with Troy's money, which is technically what Mary wants. After that, Mary and Jesse are on the run but still have plans to murder unsuspecting romantic interests for their money as the story comes to a close since, well, they figure they can make a killing at it.


Sasha Alexander

Brampton, Ontario, Canada


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