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NewCo Event - Creativity needs Collaboration

Project Description

Creativity Needs Collaboration: How to Build An Effective Community of Collaborators Experience a live music and art exhibition organized entirely by leveraging ildsjel's creative space and community, and Golio's online tools. Collaboration is all about building trust in your community and empowering people with different skill sets. Great projects are cross disciplinary, and uniquely challenging. Being able to trust in your collaborators’ ability to follow through, leads to efficient and transparent collaboration. Golio provides the platform with which leaders and contributors can organize and vouch for each other, and ildsjel provides the space for freelancers to work on their own creative projects. The gig economy is not about picking up laundry or driving a car - it is about coming together on meaningful, cross disciplinary creative projects, and executing.


ildsjel collective

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  Image $$$ Hrs
Producer 0 $0 0
Collaborator 0 $0 0

Project Commitment (est. #hrs)


Funding Method




6 Gig(s)

Gig Contributor Hours Skills Date Location Payout/Bid Status
Promotional Poster Design
Peter Sanfilippo
2.0 Aug 23, 2018 to Aug 31, 2018 Remote $0 Closed Complete
Social Media Manager
4.0 Aug 31, 2018 to Sep 27, 2018 Remote $0 Closed Complete
Shoot Video of a live event (1 contributors)
3.0 Sep 27, 2018 to Oct 06, 2018 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $0 Closed Complete
Live Music (1 contributors)
2.0 Sep 27, 2018 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $0 Closed Complete
Art Exhibition (1 contributors)
2.0 Sep 27, 2018 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $0 Closed Complete
Event Staff (2 contributors)
Ian Nichol - Golio Founder
3.0 Sep 27, 2018 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $0 Closed Complete