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Kino film - A beautiful kleenex

Project Description

I want to make a statement about how women are used and presented in adult films. It will be shot as on over the shoulder as a third party and I will use a turkey instead of an actress. That why I need hands. So it will be pretty sexual and the actions scheme will be the same that those who are used to shoot porn. So the hands will prep the turkey as if it was to cook a great dinner, but presented with the same parameters used in adult films. The crew will be very small, one DP, one sound guy, one turkey and one actor (hands). I want that film to looks like simple and natural like what we can see in "amateur" porn.


Geneviève Fontaine


  Image $$$ Hrs
Producer 0 $0 0
Collaborator 0 $0 4

Project Commitment (est. #hrs)


Funding Method




2 Gig(s)

Gig Contributor Hours Skills Date Location Payout/Bid Status
DP for Kino film
Nick Dolinski
4.0 May 08, 2018 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $0 Started
Hand actor - for Kino film
4.0 May 08, 2018 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $0 Started