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Make One Short Film A Week - Week 5

Project Description

We'll be doing our 5th shoot this Sunday! If you've been to LESS than 2 shoots, PLEASE MESSAGE ME before RSVP. Please keep the event posting specific to this week's shoot. If you have any general questions or concerns about the group please message me directly. If you want to act, please contact me with your headshot, resume and a demo reel. Expectations for the Shoot: • Think of this group as a playground. This is a place for us to have fun, meet awesome people while filming the a movie. • This group is not place for people to workshop or film their own personal projects, it's place for people interested in filmmaking to hang out and work/learn together in a low risk environment. So it's crucial for everyone to have a positive, collaborative attitude. • All shoots and production will be done within 4 hours. And that’s it. After 4 hours, we'll all get on with our lives and the footage will go into post-production. • The films will be 5 minutes or less set in a single location. A single location can be one room, one building or one street block; a setting that we can shoot within 4 hours and doesn't require any travelling. • Equipment and gear will come from members of the group so bring whatever equipment you want to support the shoot.



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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