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Raindance Sandbox

Project Description

Sandbox is a new event! We are excited to put it together. Over 3 hours a team will come together and shoot a piece of original material. The intention is not to create pieces for festivals but to practice, meet people, road-test material. Objectives: - work with new people (as opposed to 'network') - writers - workshop dialog to get a better feel for what is working or needs polish - actors - material for reels - director - gain experience without needing to raise funding - crew - fun, learn something, connect with potential collaborators - editors - work with new talent and help them make the material pop



Toronto, Ontario, Canada


  Image $$$ Hrs
Producer 99 $1k+ 304
Collaborator 100 $1+ 25

Project Commitment (est. #hrs)


Funding Method



Closed Complete

1 Gig(s)

Gig Contributor Hours Skills Date Location Payout/Bid Status
Sandbox Screenwriter (1 contributors)
James Bakker
10.0 Dec 30, 2015 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $1+ Closed Complete