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Call for Videographers to document a Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Project

Project Description

I would like to document my Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Experience and am looking for a few videographers to join me to document the assembly of my installation (All day on Oct 1st) and then document the 'night of' celebrations. (All night Oct 3rd) I am not fussy about the equipment. I have seen great stuff come out of all kinda technology - but keep in mind I want to piece it all together with what I am currently accumulating after the event in order to tell the entire story of my 'Shoes That Line The Lane" project. I cannot afford to pay other than in acknowledgement and in a unique experience but am confident that I can turn the content we can record over this opportunity into something amazing that will be enjoyed by many.


Cyril Williams

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Call for Videographers
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24.0 Oct 01, 2015 to Oct 07, 2015 Airdrie, Alberta, Canada $0 Seeking People