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#010 Post-punk vocalist wanted

Project Description

This is not for over-thinkers but more for the free-form thinkers disscociated from typical music narrative. A trio with current setup: bassist, guitarist and rhythm machine/FX operator - is looking for a singer/vocal performer to create the unsettling danceable post-punk-electroclash stuff. An when I say post-punk, I really have a broad term in mind - post-punk influenced punk, disco, electronica, funk, rock'n'roll, garage rock, dub, blues and whatever is stripped down, raw, unrefined and mentally intriguing. Everything fits into music as long as it fits certain aesthetic which can be defined as : simple, groovy, repetitive with an unsettling but curious undertone. A singer should not necessarily be a real singer type (but knowing to sing wouldn't hurt) but understanding the overall aesthetic of the music and the willingness to experiment with vocal in different ways and effects on vocals (delay, distortion, flanger, phaser,...) would be more qualities that we are looking for. So if you happen to like danceable stuff with the sense of weirdness and controlled noise and have both affinity for electronic and guitar influenced music, you might be interested in the sound we are currently working on. This is not an indie project, the aesthetic of the music is more pointing towards: Cabaret Voltaire, Au Pairs, Suicide, Siouxie and The Banshees, Gang of Four, ESG, Can, Chemical Brothers, The Contortions, Joy Division, Propellerheads, Liquid Liquid, Bauhaus, The Creatures, Lydia Lunch and a lot of other bands/individuals who approached the same aesthetic in their own distinguishable way. We currently have a dozen of more than semi-finished songs/concept that are impatiently waiting for the right vocal to settle in. So far, a guitarist was providing his narrative style vocals and ideally another vocal should introduce another type of atmosphere to the music we're doing. If you have any samples of what you did (do) to send, that would be cool. If not, that wouldn't be uncool. Sound quality is not important as long as something is coming out of the speakers. So far, here you can find a link to some previous projects that I did and the music that we make now shares a lot of common elements, so it makes sense to hear it out in order to get the idea of the overall sound and whether that is something you're comfortable doing:




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Post-Punk Vocalist Wanted
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20.0 Aug 06, 2015 to Oct 31, 2015 Toronto, Ontario, Canada $0 Seeking People