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NOWHERE 2015 ART PROJECT : A FLIGHT TO NOWHERE WITH NO-AIR Last year was our first time venturing into the world of creating art at Nowhere and we were very generously awarded funding and brought our faux-fur kayak to the desert. In keeping with the spirit of transportation and travel, and with far more knowledge, expertise and planning, we would love to bring a “Boeing 747” with the airline No-Air. The project consists of two components, a permanent/static installation which is also interactive and creates photo opportunities and play, as well as multiple performance pieces to truly transport Nowherians on their flight to Nowhere with No-Air. Our team consists of many languages and something very true to our heart which is the incorporation of more Spanish people and artists at Nowhere, therefore we have our Madrid based team along with international expertise and brawn from the Sexy Cicci Veggie Camp. (who will be lending their help as actors with 4 different languages) As a 4 time Burner and 2 time Nobody I have committed my time and plans to bringing this project to Nowhere (from Canada). See below! Short Installation description: The project hopes to transport Nobodies to Nowhere by bringing a "Boeing 747" to the playa with the airline No-Air. The installation is a free standing plywood airplane structure measuring 15 ft by 6ft with 6 cut-outs, so that participants can line up with their friends and take pictures in Nowhere's No-Air flight. It creates play for participants while using the familiar platform of the cutout display. The programmed LED outline, illuminates the plane and creates a visual effect of movement and flight. How absurd, an airplane in the middle of the desert...exactly! Short Team description: Last year was our first time venturing into the world of creating art at Nowhere and we were very generously awarded funding and brought our faux-fur kayak to the desert. In keeping with the theme of transportation, a team in Canada including a twisted mind (Arielle), a graphic designer(Tim) a carpenter (Quinlan) and a lighting engineer (Andrew) has created No-Air. Upon arrival in Spain our team turns European (mostly Spanish) with expertise in creation (Carolina and Borja), painting (Javi) and language diversity help (Arturo, Raffa, Simone, Emma, Milou, Diego, Marianne and more) PERMANENT INSTALLATION: AIRPLANE CUT OUT : See google docs: One sided plywood cut out 15 feet X 6 feet with one perpendicular wing. Cut out holes for pilot and “5 rows/windows” each 1 foot apart. We will need three 8’ ¾ Plywood, two pressure treated 8” 2X4 and three pressure treated 8”4X4, 100 2 ½ inch screws, sander, primer/paint and various cans of spray paint. The plane will be painted with No-Air Logo by Malaga artist Javi Moreno or a local Madrid artist TBD. Great for picture opportunities throughout the festival. Blueprint image in application. Lights that outline the entire plane as well as spotlights so that nobodies don’t bump into the structure at night. We will be drilling a few feet into the ground and that will secure the structure against weather and wind along with 4 triangular bases. The holes made for the pilot and passengers will also allow for wind to pass through the structure rather than taking it off into flight. Lighting: The airplane will be outlined and illuminated with ap104 LED strips which have 30 LED per metre (approximately 30-40m needed overall) which will be connected to a Raspberry PI for programming. The Raspberry PI is connected to 2 to 3 fade candy breakout boards, which will allow us to create funky effects throughout the evening as well as specific effects for the performance piece. This will not only keep Nobodies safe at night but will offer visually tantalizing effects that create the feeling/perception of movement and flight. We have a Lighting engineer (Andrew Parks) who will be doing the final arrangements who is Canadian and is coming to Nowhere for the first time after going to Burning Man last year. Attached you can see a LED heart example. See video in google docs:


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